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Submitting An Online Resume?

Once upon a time you had to worry about your resume and a good cover letter. 

Now, with job searches conducted over the internet, it's time to think about creating another version of your resume that's tailored to online job hunting.


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Unclutter Your Life 

by Stephanie Denton

Getting rid of clutter is not about cleaning. It is about increasing focus and decreasing interference. 

Clutter (n) 1. a crowded or confused mass or collection. 2. interfering echoes visible on a radar screen caused by reflection from objects other than the target.
             - Webster's Dictionary

Someone mentions "clutter." Close your eyes.What do you see? If you're like most, the image closely reflects Webster's first definition. Clutter equals junk. It's stuff that's all mixed up. Although valid, this illustration is not complete, as it depicts only what clutter is without considering what it does. It portrays clutter as passive, without consequence. Yet clutter does have repercussions. It impacts your life. As articulated in Webster's latter definition, it interferes.

Clutter diminishes clarity. It occupies space, both physical and mental. It impedes movement and progress, and detracts from efficiency and effectiveness.


Going to the Mountain to Give A Hand Up Not a Hand Out
By Jan Hemming

"Every time I go on an
 expedition I come away a better person."

High in the Andes Mountains, where the oxygen-thin air makes your head pound and your body weak, where there is no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no central water system, a band of 28 North Americans toil alongside native Quechua Indians building a Woman's community Health Clinic for the People of Patacancha, Peru.

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